Pick the modules that solve your business problems

Central Order Management

Pull all the orders from multiple marketplaces into a single dashboard, manage orders and update their status, all from one interface

Optimise Shipments

Track your shipments across all courier partners and optimise delivery, Non Delivery Returns(NDR) and Return To Origin (RTO).

Central Inventory

Expose your inventory to multiple marketplaces and your own online store. Control which products and variants is shown to your customers across these platforms.

Works With Any Online Store

InventoKart integrates with many ecommerce solution providers like Shopify, KartRocket, Zepo and more. Track all your orders from a single dashboard, reduce delivery time and improve customer satisfaction.

Common Inventory Across Channels

As your orders flow from different channels, you can maintain common inventory with InventoKart. If you get an order from Flipkart for an SKU, it’s inventory is reduced in InventoKart, while Snapdeal, Amazon and other channels are updated of the new inventory level.

Warehouse Management

InventoKart assists in centralising the crucial tasks such as maintaining healthy stock levels automatically and location allocation in multiple warehouse sites along with real-time inventory management, automated purchase management, routing and tracking of shipments, order management from multiple POS etc.

Logistics Management

Choose the best courier partner to deliver a particular category of product, to a particular pincode. Optimise for quicker delivery times, minimal NDRs and RTOs.

Measure conversions from digital marketing efforts

Connect your customer intelligence, order history, channel performance to optime your digital spends. Know which of your products is working well on which marketing channels and which one of your products needs more marketing effort.

Software Integrations

Create a central command for your business. Bring all your business solutions together in InventoKart.
Save time by automating inventory and order information across your sales channels, shipping solutions and accounting systems.

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